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An order can have several different statutes.

Payment status RESA indicates that the settlement of your order we are not yet come, when paying by check, ANCV check or wire transfer.
You have 10 days to send us your payment. During this time your order is queued receiving your payment.
Your order will be definitively confirmed upon receipt of your payment.
Warning: your order will be canceled if payment is not received within 10 days.

Payment status SOLDEE (PAID) means that your order is validated and paid for in our system, your tickets are guaranteed. 

Treatment status NON EDITEE (UNEDITED) means:
- If you have chosen the withdrawal store, you're not gone to get your tickets in stores,
- If you have chosen a mailing that your tickets have not yet been edited to be delivered to postal services.

Treatment status EDITEE (EDITED) indicates that your tickets have been published:
- In the case of electronic tickets, the status is displayed immediately at the end of your order,
- If you have chosen a mail, it means that your order has been edited for delivery to postal services.
After being published, your order is delivered to postal services within 48 hours.
There may be a delay of several days between the payment of your order and printing depending on the proximity of the date of your event.
- If you have chosen the withdrawal stores, this means that you went to get your stores banknotes.

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